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Eric Rothchild Nano Gainz


Erik Rothchild was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA.  Erik is a veteran of the U.S. Army and a graduate from the University of South Carolina.  After college Erik moved to Arizona where has lived for the past 30 years and where his love for fitness and his desire to be an entrepreneur was born. Having always been an athlete and a workout enthusiast both of his passions crossed paths when in 2006 he created and launched his first protein drink that combined protein with caffeine as a pre-workout drink. Over the next 15 years he launched other fitness related products and decided to compete at the age of 50 in his first and only bodybuilding show and took first place.  At the age of 51 he entered USA Track and Field sprint events and finished 2nd in the country and 10th in the world in the 60 meter sprint.  It’s Erik’s drive and passion that lead him to partner with Star Valley Research & BioPulse Labs and to launch the Ultimate Post Workout shot NANO GAINZ.

BioPulse Labs Nano GainzBioPulse Labs

BioPulse Labs is is a vertically integrated liquid-based manufacture and incubator based in Provo, Utah. We are focused on product innovation through Nano Technology and Water Miscibility; Specializing in nutrition, hydration and cannabinoid delivery. Our goal is to provide clinical grade product for cost effective pricing