Our Formulation

The Nano Gainz Proprietary Formulation for Maximum Effect

20g of Protein Never Tasted This Good

First Nano Gainz utilizes an award-winning, heat-stable whey protein isolate that is clear in solution, produced using a proprietary filtration process that isolates native whey proteins in a highly concentrated form. This product delivery exceptionally clean taste and strong nutritional profile to these RTD products.  It is a great source of essential amino acids with a high level of BCAAs.  We have then blended in a dose of collagen protein for an optimized, ideal blend of protein to assist in post workout. 

 20 g of BioAmped CBD

The BioAmped CBD is a nano emulsified broad-spectrum hemp extract that is THC and worry free.  It is stable in beverages without any bitter taste, a perfect combination for the Nano Gainz protein.  This BioAmped formulation is rapidly absorbed for quick relief, calming, and anti-inflammatory effect.

Advanced Cellular Hydration

The water at the base of this formulation is loaded with nano nutrients at the heart of the water clusters, including 72 trace electrolytes for cellular function, aloe, glycerin, anti-oxidants and more.

Daily Dose 20 mg of Niacin

Vitamin B3 as Niacin has shown through numerous scientific studies to play a key role in regulating gland and liver function and detox, treating migraines, supporting increased circulation and blood flow, and improving joint mobility and calming inflammation.  It can help to curb oxidative stress. Warning:  it can cause Niacin skin flush if you take too much at one time.

 72 Trace Electrolytes from Natural Sea Salt

Nano Gainz provides low sodium 72 trace electrolytes extracted from natural sea salt to help replenish electrolytes lost during workout and reestablish normal cell function throughout the body.
You must give this shot a shot.  You will notice a difference in your recovery times.