Our Technology

Nano Gainz has partnered with BioPulse Labs out of Provo Utah to use their proprietary nano technologies to create these advanced new workout supplements.

Nano Cellular Hydration and Nutrient Delivery

The product begins utilizing the BioPulse Hydropod Technology which delivers true nano nutrients embedded within stable micro-clusters of water molecules to deliver advanced cellular hydration, cellular detox, and vital nutrient delivery throughout the body within minutes to support rapid recovery post-workout.

BioAmped Water Soluble CBD Technology

The BioAmped CBD is a nano-emulsified, water-soluble CBD formulation utilizing a broad-spectrum, THC-Free hemp extract that is nano-emulsified using a natural blend of gums including carrageenan, gum acacia, locust bean gum, and xanthan gum and organic vegetable glycerin to yield a stable, flavorless, quick acting formula for everybody, regardless of their GI tract health.  Utilized in numerous shots, drinks, tinctures, and edible products, nothing compares to the rapid absorption and effect of this BioAmped CBD.